Fitness Programs

Overall fitness is an important factor in managing the risk for heart disease. By improving the body’s cardiovascular system, it is possible to lower the risk of high blood pressure, hypertension, obesity, heart disease, and stroke. Many corporate wellness programs have on-site fitness rooms and personal fitness trainers, lunch-hour walking groups, corporate-sponsored walking and running races, and membership incentives to local recreation and fitness centers.

Wellness programs focusing on physical activity exist for the same reason as those that deal with weight loss and nutrition—to reduce the risk of chronic disease. There are two different types of physical activity programs that fall in this category. The first are exercise tracking programs and competitions, these programs encourage participants to keep track of their exercise and compete with other teams to meet daily exercise recommendations. The second type is the availability of fitness facilities or the offering of exercise classes. A business may provide a fitness facility on-site for its employees or work with area fitness centers to provide discounts on memberships. In addition, group exercise classes or walking and running groups held before work, at lunch or after work also fall into this category. All of these types of programs help to promote physical activity and health among employees.

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