Are you confused ?

All of us would like to do what is within our limits and capabilities to live a long and fulfilling life. To achieve this we train ourselves in various disciplines and keep ourselves healthy.

To be trained in a particular specialty be it the sciences or the arts the hundreds of courses available have detailed programs, tell you about the time taken, the cost involved and the outcome you can reasonably expect.

However when it comes to the health industry in spite of huge advances, we are left to consult periodicals, the internet or elsewhere to get the basic advice we need for each situation we face. Even very well trained professionals many a time give us only options. Certainty seems to elude us when we need specific answers.

The health industry is in an even more labile situation. One article tells us that exercise is good for health. Another research says that too much exercise is bad. Vegetarian diets are promoted as healthy. Statistics say that vegetarians suffer from several nutritional deficiencies. Reports talk about how soya bean is a good source of clean protein. Simultaneously other authorities warn us about the ill effects of phytoestrogens in soya bean not to mention that most soya bean available In our country could be from genetically modified crops.

Athletes are advised a high protein diet. Others warn us of excessive protein and the negative effect on the kidneys. Vitamin D was considered toxic if consumption exceeds 400 I.U. Today experts are saying an average adult should consume about 1000 I.U. per day even in tropical countries.

Herbs are touted to be healthy when taken in an informed way. Meanwhile the medical industry warns us that there have been untoward effects due to consumption of herbs and to be careful. If you have any illness herbs are banned by the attending doctor.

The situation is chaotic even to the health professional. As a layperson your informed opinions continue to be challenged by further reading and experience.

To add to the disarray the supplement food industry comes with amazing recommendations. Their literature seems to subtly claim their products are the answers to your health problems. When you realize that the health industry is not as well monitored as they should be many just give up altogether on these matters.

Can we make some sense out of this mess? There is so much good information out there. We can benefit from the good information provided we have the basic keys to decipher what we read or hear. These basics when understood can help us understand the information we process and discard what does not apply to us and identify what is important and reliable.

As a person working in a field that may not be related to health you may feel handicapped. This is where a reliable source where reasonable information regarding health can be obtained is important.

My Work Well has put together a team of physiotherapist, occupational therapists, exercise experts, medical personnel and other allied health experts to provide a no nonsense approach to promote, maintain and enhance both physical and mental health.

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