Workplace Wellness Programs

Wellness programs may vary in size and scope, but the general purpose of most is to promote wellness to individuals and organizations and also to encourage healthy behaviors for the long-term. Many corporations use wellness programs to improve the health and general well-being of employees while also cutting costly health risks and improving employee retention and productivity. According to the Ministry of Health, health-care costs in the Malaysia increases 15-20% on yearly basis.

Because the path to a healthier lifestyle often isn’t easy or clear-cut, wellness programs offer support, resources, medically trained professionals, psychiatric assistance, and access to other health experts to make the change process a bit easier. Fitness, smoking cessation and back care are among the most common wellness programs available.

Workplace wellness programs focus on healthy lifestyle choices and prevention of disease and injury. Wellness programs are often offered in partnership with health insurance companies. Companies may contract with businesses that specialize in designing, implementing and operating wellness programs. Employees may choose to participate, but companies usually offer incentives for participation. Companies seek to create a wellness culture through activities, events and online components that encourage employees to track their participation and success.

Wellness as an on-going process of making choices that affect our mental, physical and spiritual health mindfully. Conscious positive lifestyle-decisions we make every day in the workplace can powerfully strengthen a strong foundation of wellbeing.

The workplace directly influences the physical, mental, economic and social well-being of workers and in turn the health of their families, communities and society. It offers an ideal setting and infrastructure to support the promotion of ‘wellness’ to a significant number of people.

As health and wellness experts, we help both workplaces and individuals to assess their ‘wellness’, determine their readiness to change and create their wellness plan.

We worked with large and small human resources teams to implement their tailored-made wellness programs within budget.

Here is a sample list of current clients and some past corporates myWW has worked with:

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